Due East 2020 - Taiwan

We are excited to head Due East, our third project in a series of volcanic island explorations: Due North, Due South, Due East, Due West. Once again, we will be bringing artists together from around the globe to dialogue and create work about a specific place from insider and outsider perspectives, culminating in a large group exhibition in Chicago. We chose Taiwan because of its fascinating mix of Aboriginal, Chinese, Japanese, and Western culture. 

Due East, like Due North and Due South, moves beyond fixed curatorial concepts to instead explore new methods of curating and art making with an emphasis on freedom, exploration, and risk taking. Participating foreign artists are encouraged to do a residency on the island, to create new relationships, and to expand their practices by creating new work. Selected contemporary artists from Taiwan will be invited to show current work, and interact with their counterparts. Over the course of three years, all of the artists dialogue with each other and the curator (who is also an artist), resulting in an organically rich exhibition.

I have chosen to explore volcanic islands because they have a heightened allure. Volatile geology has a tendency to breed isolationism, a sense of pride and distrust, but also a glorious independence and passion. My hope is that as we navigate unknown territory, we will be able to reshape fixed notions and create new contexts, experiencing both ourselves and others anew. 

marianne bernstein, curator, 2018

Due North explored Iceland, Due South, Sicily.

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