Taipei, Taichung, Tainan, Kaohsiung

First trip to Taiwan 2/15/18 -3/4/18, stay tuned!

Marianne Bernstein and Cindi Ettinger will be traveling together, exploring the island and meeting Taiwan's best contemporary artists. Bernstein has worked for decades on temporary or nomadic projects designed to push the boundaries of both how art is made and experienced by others. Participating artists work locally and internationally across many disciplines; cross-fertilization and collaboration is encouraged.  

We are grateful to artist Joyce Ho and anthropologist Claudia Tseng in Taiwan for their generous assistance.

Thanks to: TKG+ gallery and Ellen Ko, Executive Cultural Officer at Taipei Cultural Center in NYC

Featured on the Artists page: Joyce Ho: Visibility, 2017, painting on mirror, wires, lightbulb, variable dimensions; Dream about me, 2017, fiber glass, 48x48x165cm; and Pull me up softly, 2017, kinetic sculpture, 75x75x320cm. Courtesy of TKG+Gallery in Taipei.